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7 Health-Minded Gifts for New Moms

 When your friend, loved one, or coworker who has a new addition to the family, you may find yourself in search of a thoughtful gift to help both Mom and baby! Heather Carter, Director of Membership and & Financial Development, Summit YMCA shares her 7 favorites for new moms.

1) A yearly subscription to MyFitnessPal

I’m a big believer in tracking your food and being accountable. MyFitnessPal allows me to easily track my food and hold myself accountable. I opt for the paid version in order to be able to set macro-nutrient specific goals.

2)  A jogging stroller

 I LOVED taking walks with my son when he was first born. After about 2 weeks we would walk through my neighborhood daily. It allowed me to clear my mind, get some fresh air, and helped the little one sleep.

3) A Baby Bjorn front carrier

For walks, squats, or any exercise I thought I could do safely while wearing the baby

4) A white noise machine (for the baby’s sleep and my own 😆):

My son was not a great sleeper. The white noise machine helped him fall asleep and stay asleep so that I could rest or get some things done around the house. We still use a white noise machine 3 years later–the “hair dryer” noise has become a night time staple at our house. 

5) A Bellefit postpartum girdle

Even maintaining my activity during pregnancy I found that I was uncomfortable and had soreness in places I didn’t expect postpartum. The Bellefit girdle provided core support that helped me get active and moving more quickly. No one wants to talk about the possibility of stitches and discomfort in “that area” after natural child birth which is what I found to be the worst part of the whole deal–wearing the girdle made comfortable doing every day things like getting off the couch. I’ve seen reviews and things sharing that the girdle helps women get their shape back after natural child birth I found that to be true as well but definitely valued the support more.

6) A comfy and warm wrap or button down top for nursing

My little one become a comfort nurser from the beginning. A cozy and warm button down made nursing easy while snuggling him during my maternity leave – I specifically recommended the men’s button down because I loved borrowing my husband’s roomy button downs for lounging around the house or sleeping. My son also hated to be covered while nursing, so a button-down top made it easy to nurse discreetly in public.

7) A Y membership is always a great gift 😊

You can work on yourself—spirit, mind, and body—while being assured your little one is in great care

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