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RECIPE: Easy Peanut Butter Overnight Oats

Peanut Butter Overnight Oats
Yields 2
a perfect grab-and-go for busy mornings plus it's diabetic friendly!
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Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
  1. o 1/2 very ripe banana, smashed, plus more for topping
  2. o 1/3 cup rolled oats
  3. o 1/3 cup milk (any kind)
  4. o 1/3 cup Greek yogurt
  5. o 1 tablespoon peanut butter (or any nut butter)
  6. o Dash of cinnamon
  7. o 1/2 tablespoon chia seeds (optional)
  1. Smash half of a banana in a bowl.
  2. Add in oats, Greek yogurt, milk, peanut butter, cinnamon and chia seeds.
  3. Stir very thoroughly.
  4. Place in a sealed air-tight container such as a mason jar in the refrigerator overnight.
  5. The next morning, add in any additional toppings such as additional banana, nuts, and/or fruit. Enjoy in a bowl or on-the-go in your mason jar!
  1. Whole grain complex carbs will give you lasting energy all morning, especially when paired with high-protein Greek yogurt like in our Overnight Oats recipe.
  2. Oats are a great source of heart healthy soluble fiber, which can help lower “bad” LDL cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar.
  3. Overnight oats are perfect for busy weekday mornings because you can prep on Sunday and just grab-and-go.
Good Measure Meals Healthy Connections

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