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4 Easy Ways To Spice Up Your “Date Night In”

Guest Post By: Kristy Kalich, Dietetic Intern

Typically, we want warm, rich comfort foods while enjoying a date or snuggling up indoors. Unfortunately, these choices tend to be high in saturated fat, calories, and sodium.

So how can your date night in be healthy? Find a common interest with your significant other and add a little flare to typical activities. Here are a few ways to have a romantic and fun date night in.



1) Cook together. Find a healthy recipe that takes a spin on a typical comfort food; create something together that is good for both of you. Here are some ideas to try (and I included some recipes at the very end):

  • Appetizers: Roasted edamame with balsamic glaze, Caprese skewers, garlic dipping oil, & home roasted sweet n’ spicy nut mix
  • Entrees: Homemade pizza with homemade sauce, fresh veggies, and protein-packed toppings; stuffed peppers with ground turkey and couscous, taco lettuce wraps, & vegetarian quinoa chili
  • Desserts: Chocolate dipped mandarins, churro almonds, cinnamon baked pears, Samoa apple slices, frozen fruit tart, & espresso with biscotti

2) Pub sports. If you have them available, playing pub-like games are a great way to get active and develop some friendly competition. Games like ping-pong, billiards, darts, card games, dominos, corn hole, and even table football are easy to play. Just make sure to move the lamps and have enough room for the activity!

3) Video games. No, not the kind where you just sit on the couch for hours! Instead, grab that Wii Remote and start playing some indoor tennis, bowling, or Just Dance. Get up, get moving, get laughing, and get competitive!

4) Learn a new hobby. Couples who learn something new together grow closer through a common interest. Try something new such as ballroom dancing, yoga, home improvement projects, and listening to new podcasts. You’ll have to keep practicing to make your new hobby perfect (which means more date nights).


Truth is, a “date night in” can really bring you and your significant other closer together without all the interruptions of a restaurant or movie theater. So take a healthy step towards a date night in to remember!



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