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Holiday Gift Guide: Alissa’s Favorite Things

Good Measure Meals Registered Dietitian and avid distance runner, Alissa Palladino, compiled her list of favorite gift ideas for your friends and family!

alissas favorite things_fulllist


1)Healthy Stocking Stuffers

Nourish snacks by Registered Dietitian Joy Bauer. All snacks are single-servings (for that built-in portion control that’s essential to healthy snacking), contain a few grams each of fiber and protein (this nutrient combo is key to a filling, satisfying snack) and are under 200 calories, so easily fit into anyone’s daily energy needs. I gifted these to my parents and sister last Christmas,  and they loved them! There’s also a fun boxed set, for easy wrapping to go under the tree.

2) Creative Condiment

Honeycup Uniquely Sharp Mustard. I am obsessed with this honey mustard. Once you try it, no other honey mustard compares. Great on wraps and sandwiches, or as dip for turkey slices, pretzels or even baby carrots. It has a kick so a little goes a long way!

3) For the Outdoors Exerciser

Cold weather gear like gloves and ear-warmers make it possible to keep running/exercising outdoors comfortably all winter long! Browse the selection at your local running store, or check out these Mizuno options that I love:  BT Headband & Warmalite Gloves

4) Subscribe Me!

A great magazine subscription is a gift that your friend or family member can continue to enjoy all year long.

For foodies, I highly recommend Food & Nutrition Magazine. It’s aimed at dietitians like myself, but that means it’s also filled with recipes, beautiful food photography, and science-backed articles on food and nutrition that are relevant to the general public. Plus, it offers reviews of new food items, apps, and books.

 For runners, check out Runners’ World Magazine. This publication is a great combo of training tips, inspirational stories and interesting articles.

5) Home Gym Essential

Without doubt, a GRID foam roller! Foam rolling loosens up muscles, prevents soreness, and promotes recovery; this one has a trigger point patterned design to really target those nagging knots and sore spots. If someone on your list is athletic, they will love a foam roller to keep their muscles loose.

6) For the Yogi

I LOVE my Jade Yoga Harmony mat; it is truly worth the investment. It’s not too thick or thin, your hands don’t slide when you get sweaty, and it definitely doesn’t wear down quickly like so many of the cheaper mats out there.

7) Running Shoe Recs

Let me make this clear — running shoes are VERY individual, and everyone should get a proper fitting to find what works best for their body type, foot shape and gait. (Stop by Big Peach Running Co for an in-depth analysis or give a gift card there so your friend or family member can go at his or her own leisure! ) That said, I am personally a big fan of Mizuno Wave Catalyst and Brooks Pure Cadence – both are lightweight with mild support for over-pronators like myself.  

8) For Someone Who Hates to Cook

If this person on your list is local to Atlanta, I can’t help but recommend a Good Measure Meals gift card as the best option for delicious (healthy!) meals delivered all around the Metro area twice each week. If your friend or family member is not a fan of cooking (or just needs a break for whatever reason), a gift card here is the perfect way to gift them a week’s pass from doing just that! Sure, I work for this company, but I also eat the meals on a daily basis because they’re that tasty and convenient. No lie.

 9) For Your Workout Buddy

Whether this person is your workout buddy, or he/she has their own workout buddy, a gift to Blast! is such a fun idea to offer them a change of routine. I discovered this gym this year and love their method of high intensity intervals that combine cardio and strength training with each session. Plus great, upbeat music and energetic instructors keep you motivated to work (and sweat) hard! 

10) Pump up the Jams

Speaking of upbeat music, I love working out to a great playlist, and research shows it can make exercise feel easier! What better way to share some motivation by creating a custom playlist or CD for a loved one right as we embark on resolution-making season. Some of my favorite songs to run to right now* include:

“House Work” – Jax Jones

“Young Forever” – High Valley

“Mother” – Jerry Williams

“Setting the World on Fire” – Kenny Chesney

“White Flag” – Joseph

The Struts’ new album “Everybody Wants”

 *Please note that running while listening to music in headphones can be dangerous, causing distraction and hindering your ability to hear oncoming traffic. Please make sure to keep music at a low level that will allow you to stay focused on your surroundings. Always be safe while running, and encourage your friends and family to practice the same safe habits!

11) Favorite Fitness Tech

I absolutely love my Garmin GPS watch. I personally wear the Forerunner 35 – a sleeker, slimmer design compared to the other models that transitions easily from running watch to day watch. The Forerunner 35 is great for tracking mileage and pace during runs and counting steps during the day. It even vibrates when you’ve been sitting too long (a constantly helpful reminder)!


What would you add to this list? Please add your comments below!

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