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Testimonial: The Perfect Plan for a PhD

If you’ve scavenged through our website, you may have picked up on the fact that we are proud of the nutritious meals we provide and the cause that we serve. But what on earth do our customers, real people, think of Good Measure Meals?

For this blog series, we’re following the testimonial of Professor Cart, a Good Measure Meals (GMM) customer for 3 years, to see what she has to say about our gourmet meal service. There may be some things that surprise you!

If you’re like many people, you choose foods for these reasons: convenience, cost and taste. It makes perfect sense why we would do this, but sometimes we sacrifice nutrition to meet the rest of these needs. Looking to meet convenience, cost, taste, and nutrition needs? Look no further than Good Measure Meals. Our portion-controlled, nutritionally balanced meals help you satisfy hunger, and can help you meet health goals.

Portrait of overworked woman cookReady-to-Eat
So, let’s be honest — whether it’s the quickest internet speeds or the fastest route, we all want the things in our lives to be efficient and convenient. Unfortunately, this can lead to unhealthy food choices that are high in calories and low in essential nutrients. And over time, this can lead us to put on the pounds and have no recollection of “how we got here”.

Professor Cart’s situation was not unlike many of us who find ourselves too busy to prioritize healthy meals and snacks. “I was a PhD student at Georgia Tech, with very limited time to cook. So, I started gaining weight and eating very unhealthy, until I found out about GMM,” she said.

Balance can be difficult, especially during busy seasons of life like (ahem) getting your PhD. We understand that challenge well, which is why our meals enable you to focus on those seasons without proper nutrition going to the wayside. Our meals are made with fresh ingredients, are never frozen, are nutritionally balanced, and contain no preservatives.

“Every meal just blows me out of the water! I never knew eating healthy could taste so good!” – Professor Cart

At Good Measure Meals, our dedicated chefs pride themselves on providing a menu of mouthwatering meals packed with nutrients. Topping the list of Professor Cart’s breakfast favorites are Good Measure Meals’ whole wheat banana bread and veggie sausage. Her lunchtime lovables are the Carolina-style pulled BBQ chicken, Jamaican burger, sweet potato burger, and beef stroganoff.

Plus there’s no worry about growing tired of our gourmet meals, as Good Measure Meals offers a four-week rotating menu, which means you will never see the same meal twice in a four-week period. On top of that, we offer menu customization, for anyone who may like to pick and choose their favorite meals off the menu each week.

Flexible and convenient, on your terms!
“I love that I can suspend my meal delivery when I leave town, so that I am not spending more than I need to or wasting.” – Professor Cart

Good Measure Meals partners with corporations, gyms, and stores where meals can be picked up in clean and chic coolers. To find out your closest pick-up location, visit our website and type in your zip code and preferred proximity. Have I mentioned yet that you can sign up for a plan as low as $6.99 per meal?? Yes, you read correctly — and that’s the price of some large coffees!

We believe that eating healthy should not only taste good, but also shouldn’t break the bank. Customers can always put their plans on “pause” to accommodate weeks of vacation travel or otherwise. Some customers even opt out of our basic auto-renewal system in order to purchase their meals on a week by week basis.

Commit2lean360 V1-2015If your season of life makes it particularly difficult to incorporate healthy, portion-controlled meals, a great place to start with Good Measure Meals is our Commit to Lean Trial Package. Three meals per day, 5 days per week, PLUS your first day is free and you get a free nutrition phone consult!


Today’s post contributed by Good Measure Meals registered dietitian, Kathryn Shubert.

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