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Bigger than the Super Bowl…

It’s Super Bowl time again, so our guess is that you know exactly what we’re about to discuss, right?

Healthy Super Bowl Alternatives!

Well, actually no (for a change).

While there ARE some tasty party snack recipes at the end of this post that your Super Bowl guests will love, we wanted to get down to a less discussed topic: The Slippery Holiday Slope.Christmas sweets collage

It all starts in November at Thanksgiving, and we move straight from there into an onslaught of Halloween candy, pumpkin spiced lattes, holiday cookie swaps, peppermint mochas, and the general hibernation of one’s sense of self control for the winter months.

The thing we forget is that each month from November UNTIL MAY, there is usually a blow-out, food-related holiday that’s looming to derail our best intentions. We can’t escape it!

So what we are here to talk about is putting these holidays into their rightful place, a place which holds no sway over your bigger (very valuable) picture. Here’s what you need to remember:

1) Yes, these temptation holidays exist, month after month. So take a deep breath and accept that fact with calm clarity, and then use these healthy holiday tips from our team to make the most out of each celebration!

2) Recognize what these holidays are really about. They are about spending time with the people you love most, making your loved ones feel special, taking a break from work, and honoring the importance of historic events/people. Make sure to keep the focus on your loved ones and the spirit of the holiday, and you will find so much more fullness and richness in the celebration. Need ideas on how to spend time actively with your family and friends? We’ve got you covered.

3) Recognize what commercial America WANTS you to make these holidays about. Let’s just go through a montage of Google Search images, shall we?

Capture super bowlCapture valentinesCapture st patricks

[Theme noted: lots of food and booze (of multiples shades, no less!)]

Listen, we’re all for celebrating holidays and having a great time doing so! But when you’re bombarded with expectation-setting images like these AND with huge front-and-center displays in the supermarket pushing salty, sugary, fatty, empty-calorie treats (at deep discounts!), it’s hard not to get swept away in the seemingly important purchase (every single time, am I right?).

4) But you have a bigger picture. Back at the beginning of the year, you set some goals for yourself, and we’re here to tell you something. Even if you binge on a few plates full of chili-nachos and wings AND THEN follow that up with a chocolate Valentine’s Day cupcake-come-early (or two), you haven’t ruined anything.

This is it. Listen up. You haven’t ruined anything.

Now, we’re definitely not advocating for you to go straight into your next party and devour everything in sight. You already know the “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts” of healthy eating and snacking that we support here at Good Measure Meals.

What we want you to hear is that tomorrow is always a new day. You have a bigger picture you’re working toward than one night of poor eating choices can throw off track. And self control and healthy habits take MONTHS and YEARS to get the hang of. It takes tons of baby steps to get the hang of it. It takes developing new channels of mindful behaviors over-top the decades-worth of ingrained mind-LESS habits you’ve already formed.

And you know what? You can absolutely do it.

And if you need help or encouragement, we have plenty to give.

Just remember to forgive yourself whenever you need to, and remind yourself of the person you saw on January 1 when you made your healthier resolutions. These changes won’t happen overnight, but they will happen over time if you get right back into your routine of healthy self-care** and you don’t fall down The Slippery Holiday Slope and never come back.


**Scheduling a Good Measure Meals plan the week after a holiday is a wonderful way to prepare yourself to re-calibrate back into healthy habits. If you’ve never tried our plans before, you can sample 5 days of breakfast, lunch, and dinner and get your first day FREE when you use the special code TRY5.

Need help getting started? You can also talk to our registered dietitian nutrition coach for free by scheduling here.



….Alright, let’s get to some fun healthy snack recipes, shall we?


Healthy Mock Guac

Spinach Dip Photo

Spinach Dip Recipe




Tomato-Feta Recipe

Katherine Clevenger GMM



Today’s post was contributed by Katherine Clevenger, GMM Marketing and Communications







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