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Healthy Holidays from the GMM Family to Yours!

At GMM, we are all about “walking the talk” when it comes to practicing healthy behaviors. Let our team’s personal tips help you stay on track during the holiday season, and then get a head start on your New Years Resolution goals by signing up for a Commit To Lean package!

JessJess White, Senior Vice President: Fill your plate up first with the healthier options on the holiday smorgasbord. Then, with the little room that’s left, treat yourself to smaller portions of the holiday guilty pleasures!

Dez White


Dez White, Business Development: Start a healthy tradition by signing up for a local Turkey Trot or gathering your group for a game of flag football. Doing something active helps burn extra calories, and sets a great example for the younger generation!

Alissa P 1Alissa Palladino, Registered Dietitian: Bring a healthy dish so you know there’s at least one option you can enjoy guilt-free. Veggies like Brussels sprouts, carrots, butternut squash & parsnips are seasonal & delicious roasted!

ashleyAshley Cissel Lee, Customer Service Representative: Plan ahead- choose a few indulgences you can’t live without, serve yourself a small portion & save every bite!

SarahSarah Shanahan, Registered Dietitian: Swap your glass of wine for a “mocktail” and save about 100 calorie per 6 oz serving. Try this recipe for Cranberry Ginger Punch:
-2 cups cranberry juice
-1 Tb allspice berries
-2 large sprigs rosemary
-1-inch fresh ginger, peeled, sliced
-Still water or seltzer water
Combine cranberry juice allspice berries, rosemary and ginger in a saucepot over high heat. Bring to a boil and reduce to low heat. Steep for 30 minutes. Remove from heat and cool. Refrigerate and allow to infuse overnight. Strain juice. Combine 1 part infused cranberry juice to 2 parts seltzer.

PhilipPhilip Niekro, Customer Service Manager: When you know the holiday is going to supply you with an overabundance of food, try and schedule to run in a charity 5K, 10K or half marathon that is held the day of. The exercise will give you a great mental start to your holiday, will offer an opportunity to give back to your community, and give you a little bit of a buffer for some of the extra calories that you take in.

harmonyHarmony Blackwell, Customer Service Representative: Create a playlist of great holiday classics and dance tunes, and have an after dinner dance party!

rachelRachel Baer, Registered Dietitian: Skip the nut bowl and offer a bowl of popcorn for munching at your holiday party. Popcorn packs a punch of fiber, preventing you from going into the meal famished, but provides less calories than that bowl of nuts. And you can have a whole lot more of it!

katherineKatherine Clevenger, Communications/Mktg Coordinator: A holiday meal is just that: a meal. Don’t assign moral value to your food choices (“cheesy casserole is ALWAYS BAD and salad is ALWAYS GOOD,” etc.), and DON’T let a holiday meal inflict feelings of guilt or remorse. Spend your holiday meal thankful for the food lovingly prepared by family, for those gathered around the table, and for the many blessings each year inevitable brings with it. By now you know the basics for healthy eating habits/portions (thanks #GoodMeasureMeals!), and you know that food doesn’t hold any power — you hold the power! A holiday meal is just one meal of thousands that will nourish you for the upcoming 365 days, regardless if you opt for a piece of the pumpkin pie.

Tiffany Patterson, Director of Marketing: Don’t let food overshadow the real meaning of the holiday. Focus on spending quality time with family & friends, instead of agonizing over what you are or aren’t eating.

Jochen Lawson, Catering Manager: Skip the crust and opt for an apple crisp this year instead of pie. Top baked apples with cinnamon and nutmeg for flavor; add oats and leave the skins on your apples for extra fiber!

Let these healthy tips guide you through the holiday season. Plus, get a head start on your New Years Resolution goals by signing up for a Commit To Lean package now!

This post was contributed by the Good Measure Meals Team.

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