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Putting Wellness to Work!

Wellness is the new revolution, and with many companies now tuning in to the value of health promotion in the workplace, GMM has seen incredible growth in our corporate partnerships!

Just within the last few months we’ve added four new corporate pick-up locations including Emory, Cox Automotive, 1155 Perimeter Center West, and the Georgia Department of Public Health (now that’s a good endorsement!).

Why are companies flocking to partner with a nutrition company? We’ll let them speak for themselves…

Easy Access to Healthy, Nutritious, Balanced Food:

“GMM provides convenience and quality for our employees. Having it delivered on-site makes it easy for our employees to enjoy an amazing meal, count their calories and ensure they eat healthy every day. I am so pleased with the service we receive from GMM – and their food tastes outstanding!”

– Susanne Koch, MS, ACSM-HFS, PES, Georgia Department of Public Health Work-site Wellness Coordinator

It’s About More than a Meal:

rachel chopping ingredientsSuccessful wellness programs are holistic in their approach; and while healthy, delicious menus are our foundation, we rally behind the motto of our parent organization Open Hand Atlanta,“It’s About More Than a Meal!”  Our team of incredibly skilled registered dietitians have invested countless hours into developing educational, engaging wellness services and programming. The result is a seamless link between our menus and our nutrition programming, providing corporate partners a valuable resource for facilitating employee wellness and achievement of health goals.

“Good Measure Meals has been a great partner to work with to bring a complete nutrition program to our clients. Educating employees (or individuals) on proper nutrition is one thing, but taking that next step and providing healthy food that is convenient is a game changer!”

– Tricia Brown, Ironwood Insurance Services Wellness and Communications Specialist

A Dynamic Distinction:

“Our work-site wellness program has been enhanced by our partnership with GMM.  Not only is the staff knowledgeable and engaging, but they have also provided us with quality nutrition education and cooking demos.  Our employees always look forward to the GMM presentations because we learn something new and continue to get inspired to create healthy meals and snacks.  Thank you, GMM, for breathing new life to our program and sharing your love of healthy living with our employees!”

– Anna Henderson, Health & Wellness Coach, Institute of Nuclear Power Operations.

Our engaging team and programming truly sets us apart. It isn’t hard to be enthusiastic about food when you work for GMM – the enthusiasm around nutrition is contagious on our campus, with foodies and registered dietitians always roaming the halls and collaborating to design and implement new programs in the community.

Here’s a small taste of some recent additions to our programming menu:
Diets Decodedteaching the ins and outs of some popular fad diets, lifestyle diets, and the science-based healthy eating guidelines to help decide the healthiest direction for an individual’s needs.
Healthy Eating: Volumetrics in Desserts –showcasing how to create more with less, increasing the volume of food while decreasing calories and fat.  Includes recipes and samples to replicate tasty treats at home.

Measuring CupsResults!

The true measure of success is seeing results.  Sarah Shanahan MS, RD, LD, our Community Wellness Representative overseeing corporate partnerships and wellness programming, designs programs to fit each organization’s direction and goals.

“I would say this program has made a significant difference in our overall organizational wellness. We’ve seen an increase in employee participation in fitness, nutrition and relaxation classes now that they are more knowledgeable about how all of these areas work together to impact their personal and professional lives.  The Tanita Screening is one of the most eye opening tools you can offer employees.  The screening definitely helped put things in to perspective and showed everyone where they truly are on their total health and well-being in such a short amount of time.  The monthly classes help keep our employees on track in between their quarterly Tanita check ins.  Overall we would definitely call our partnership with GMM a success!”

– Erin Echols, Senior HR Manager, United Way of Greater Atlanta

Giving Back:

Open Hand AtlantaThe best part about partnering with GMM?  100% of the net proceeds from the sale of meals AND wellness programming directly fund Open Hand Atlanta to provide healthy meals and nutrition services to the under-served and chronically ill in our community.

See for Yourself!

Contact to learn more about how GMM can support your Metro Atlanta organization, and request a wellness program proposal customized to your company’s needs.

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