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Setting SMART Goals

I hope 2015 is kicking off to a great start for each of you. With the New Year always comes reflection on the year past and resolutions toward the year ahead. We speak with candor about flimsy resolutions that never see their end result come to fruition, but what would it take for you to set a resolution and really take the steps necessary to meet it this year?

Let’s talk about effective goal setting.
We call it setting “SMART” goals. The first question is “Are you actually ready to pursue this goal?”
If the answer is yes, the key to achieving it is a well-crafted plan. Here are the steps to setting SMART goals:

Specific – It is important for your goal to be specific as opposed to a more general one. Your goal should answer the questions Who, What, When, Where.
Measureable – Your goal must have indicators that can be measured. It should answer the questions “How much?”, “How many?”, “How often?”
runner lacing running sport footwearAttainable – Set goals that you are confident you can achieve with some effort. Do not put time constraints or expectations on yourself that you know are sure to put this year’s goal alongside the unmet resolutions of years gone by. Break down the larger goal into steps that will help you be successful.
Relevant – Determine goals that really matter. Make sure they have a compelling answer to why you are pursuing them that can act as a motivator on the days where sticking to it is harder than usual.
Time-Bound – Your goal must have a time component. Make sure your goal can answer the questions “For how long?”, “Until when?”, “By this time”.

Ineffective Goals:
In 2015, I want to lose weight.
In 2015, I will exercise more.

SMART Goals:
I will lose 5 lbs by March 2, 2015.
I will exercise 3 days/wk for 30 mins/day for the month of January.

As always, if you’d like to learn more about controlling your eating habits and making wise health choices, remember that we are here to help. Good Measure Meals offers a full menu of nutrition services, championed by our team of Registered Dietitians who are ready to help you create a plan to reach those goals in a way that is realistic and sets you up for success.

RachelStroudPlease feel free to contact me at any time. Hearing your feedback will help us to better serve you!

Rachel Baer, RD, LD
Community Wellness Representative
Good Measure Meals

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