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Delicious Flavors Permeate Fall/Winter Menu

Whether you are new to Good Measure Meals or are already an old friend to the program, be sure to try out some of our new and improved menu items on our fall/winter menu.

CranberryThe wild rice and cranberry pilaf popping up in the Healthy Balance and Vegetarian menus on January 2 is a delicious side item to our Crustless Crab and Spinach Quiche. Not only does it add more color to your meal with bright cranberries mixed in with scrumptious wild rice, it helps regulate your digestive system. There are about 8-9 grams of fiber in this meal, providing 34-40% of the daily fiber needs for women and 23-28% for men. Fiber is a carbohydrate your body uses as a tool to help move foods through the digestive system. Fiber also makes you feel fuller longer, and can help to lower blood sugar. All of these health benefits plus delicious flavor to boot add up to something amazing on your plate.

sweet potato casseroleSweet potato casserole is one my personal favorites this time of year. It almost feels like you’re cheating a little bit because it sure does taste like a dessert; but lo and behold this vegetable dish is packed with potassium (which helps control blood pressure) and beta-carotene (a form of vitamin A that can help to protect the cells in your body from damage). Don’t miss this healthy “treat” on January 22!

KelseyHigginsHeadshotI could go on, but let’s leave a little to the imagination. Try out some of our favorites and find out which menu items you love the most! Enjoy!

Today’s post is contributed by Kelsey Higgins, GMM Food Services Intern.

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