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Keeping on Track During Travel Season

Summer means vacation time and (hopefully) plenty of travel adventures. But how does your Good Measure Meals plan fit into an unpredictable travel schedule?

Nothing is worse than coming home on a Sunday evening after vacation or long weekend away to an empty fridge, and no time to shop or prepare food for the week. What are you to do? It’s bad enough to come back to reality, but it’s even harder – after those vacation indulgences – to slide seamlessly back into the healthy lifestyle you packed away along with your travel bags.

Well it turns out that Good Measure Meals meal plans are a simple solution to keeping you on track around your travels.

Instead of suspending or cancelling your meal plans during the summer months, continue to save time and calories with these ideas for your GMM meal plans.

reminder1. Order in advance. Before a vacation, order a meal plan and schedule it to begin the Monday you return. Instead of ordering out every meal for the week after vacation, enjoy the convenience of healthy effortless eating after your indulgent time away.

2. Downgrade. Instead of 3 meals a day, drop down to a dinner plan, which you can then choose to eat for lunches OR dinners. When you know you will be traveling, freeze extra meals to have upon your return.

3. Be a giver. If you’re going out of town mid-week, find a friend or family member who might want to try GMM and have them pick up and enjoy the couple of meals you might miss. Get them hooked and have them order their own meals with your name as a referral so you get $20 back!

4. Split a plan. Grab a coworker or friend and split up the week if you will only be away a few days. Save some money and calories by sharing, AND eat well while you are in town.

5. Donate. If you know you will miss half the week, and don’t have anyone to share your extra meals, call GMM customer service and we will put the meals to good work instead of waste.

gmm cooler6. Take them to go! If you’re leaving town after your pick-up time on Thursday, pack your meals in a cooler and load them into your car for the road trip. If you don’t want all three meals each day, downgrade to a dinner-only plan the week before, so you know you’ll have at least one portion-controlled meal in your arsenal every day of your travels.

Even if you aren’t eating Good Measure Meals 3 meals a day, 7 days a week, you can still invest in your health. Every positive step you take is better than nothing at all. This is your summer to use Good Measure Meals meal plans to: Eat Well, Stay Healthy, and Do Good.

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