Good Measure Meals Healthy ConnectionsGMM Launches Nutrition Services in Corporate Fitness Facilities - Good Measure Meals Healthy Connections

GMM Launches Nutrition Services in Corporate Fitness Facilities

The addition of Good Measure Meals’ registered dietitians to an existing, reputable corporate wellness program extends GMM’s mission of health and nutrition.

Good Measure Meals is excited to announce a partnership with Corporate Sports Unlimited, Inc. (CSU), a health and wellness services provider that manages and operates corporate fitness facilities around the country, including 17 corporate fitness clubs here in Atlanta. Through its Corporate Events Unlimited (CEU) division, CSU produces corporate events including themed parties, destination management, company picnics, and corporate team-building.

“Corporate Sports Unlimited, Inc. has partnered with Good Measure Meals/Open Hand in the past, and we have always been excited to work with this great bunch of people who also give back so much to their local community,” explained Jessica Houze, CSU Wellness and Operations Coordinator.
“We learned they also offer nutrition services and thought we could further our partnership with them by offering their nutrition services to our members.”

dietician3So in January of this year, six of Good Measure Meals’ highly skilled registered dietitians began offering nutrition consultations and services in 15 of the Atlanta-based Health and Wellness Centers. Services range from nutrition consultations and metabolic testing to lunch-and-learns and cooking demonstrations. This collaboration between GMM and CSU rounds out a truly comprehensive wellness offering to over 14,500 employees in the Metro Area representing Fortune 500 Companies, universities, and multi-tenant buildings.

“We are very pleased with [the GMM Registered Dietitians’] knowledge and expertise,” Houze said. “By offering nutrition services, we give our members a very well-rounded health and wellness program. Good Measure Meals is also a big supporter and partner of our annual interactive body and lifestyle transformation program, FitTrip™. We work very closely with their Registered Dietitians to incorporate nutrition into the FitTrip™ program.”

contact_10The addition of registered dietitians in the CSU clubs also helps extend the Open Hand and Good Measure Meals mission to not only provide nutrition but also the wellness education that leads to true lifestyle improvement, explained GMM Senior Vice President Jess White.

“We are striving to support our customers and community members by providing resources that will inevitably empower lives and invest in our community’s health and well-being,” White said.

And the Corporate Sports Unlimited organization and FitTrip™ programs have been a perfect match for best utilizing GMM’s skilled Registered Dietitians to really make a difference in the corporate and fitness communities.
“CSU is a leader in the Corporate Wellness Industry, and we are so fortunate to be integrated into their diverse programs through this collaboration. This model will allow our GMM Registered dietitians to work alongside highly skilled fitness & Wellness professionals to create a truly comprehensive approach,” White said.

Plus, as aptly stated by Jessica Houze, “One-hundred percent total health and wellness can only be attained when nutrition is included.”

Good Measure Meals looks forward to continuing to contribute to the total health and wellness of our community through our nutrition services partnership with CSU and FitTrip™.

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