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Fall 2013 Atlanta & Company Recap

Every Spring and Fall for the last 5 years, GMM along with WXIA has had the privilege and pleasure of watching people’s lives change before our very eyes.

Twelve Atlanta residents receive meals, nutrition coaching, and personal training for 10 weeks with the goal of winning Atlanta and Company’s Northside New Start Weight Smart Challenge. There is a grand prize at the end, but the truest prize is having all of the resources to reach the goals they’ve dreamed about for years and the eyes of Atlanta as motivation to kick the excuses.

The initial group of 12 is split into two teams: Red vs Blue. For 10 weeks, contestants receive 3 meals per day, 5 days per week; a team trainer; and they are required to attend weekly weigh-ins to track their progress. The contestant who registers the lowest percentage of weight loss each week must leave the competition, keeping the tension high, and the effort at 100%. These weigh-ins are featured each Wednesday on Atlanta & Company, so that Atlanta viewers can follow along as the contestants continue to fight for the winning position and the assistance they receive as long as they remain a part of the show.


Fall 2013’s series was as thrilling as ever, with new trainers on board from Team Fitness Atlanta, and a brand new group of committed contestants. Adrienne Brown and Susi O’Connor were the season’s two finalists, with Susi O’Connor taking the overall prize in the end. Both ladies, along with their teammates, saw impressive success during the 10 week program. Susi lost 23% percent of her body weight, and Adrienne not only lost significant weight but managed to gain muscle during the competition – a difficult feat in the game of weight-loss and firm evidence of excellent personal training, compliments of the Red Team’s trainer, Achilles – and she stuck closely to her balanced meal plan from GMM. Slow and steady wins the weight loss race.

At the close of each season, our inbox fills with tear-jerker testimonials from real people who experience the ease, tastiness, and convenience of GMM. Hear from a couple of this year’s contestants below.

“The health benefits are great – but the ease for busy business professionals is a major selling point of GMM. My body re-calibrated it’s cravings during the program. We all ‘know’ what we should be doing. But if I tried to lose weight alone myself, I would not have lasted 12 full weeks because I would not have enjoyed the diversity of the GMM menu offerings. I now can take what I’ve experienced through those meals and apply it to eating more on my own – but I also know eating GMM is always a great, viable option for me in the future! “ –Allison Pallestrini

“I was recently a contestant of the Northside Hospital’s Weight-Loss challenge which is how I discovered Good Measure Meals. I was overweight and miserable which caused me to become overly depressed, and GMM saved my life! I was on the GMM for 12 weeks and I lost 35 pounds and feel fantastic! …I absolutely LOVED the convenience of GMM! It was super easy to pick up my meals and just as easy to heat everything up whether I was at home or at work….Each meal was absolutely delicious and more than plentiful! I never felt hungry! Enjoying the meals and not feeling hungry or deprived = success! Each delicious meal was so well balanced that I had no cravings which was HUGE for me!” –Bonny Marshall


This year’s contestants were not the only stars GMM has seen from Atlanta and Company. On Atlanta and Company’s 2011 weight-loss challenge, we first met Becca Barnes. Read about Becca’s experience here. And yes, she still is that healthy version of herself and still eats GMM.

To join in the success of many, you too can Commit to Lean. Learn more about our meals plans and how you can experience the same success that this folks did at

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