Good Measure Meals Healthy ConnectionsGMM Customers Found Success with Commit to Lean in 2013 - Good Measure Meals Healthy Connections

GMM Customers Found Success with Commit to Lean in 2013

Many Good Measure Meals customers made the decision to Commit to Lean in 2013, and their stories are truly inspirational!

Merwin Peake had great success with GMM, losing 22 pounds in 2009. When he restarted his plan in 2013, he lost 7 pounds in three weeks and felt fantastic.

“The key thing I found out is that I can maintain an optimal weight if I exercise regularly and stick to healthy eating.”

Merwin Peake

Merwin Peake

“I originally found out about the meals when, on a visit to a friend’s house, I opened his refrigerator and saw the packages of the fresh meals, which looked delicious.

My friend had great success with the GMM plan, and highly recommended it. It just made sense to me that this would work a lot better for me and be much more appealing than ordering frozen meals from other weight control companies.

Along with the plan, I’ve been exercising regularly, at least 3-4 times per week with a 30-minute aerobic workout, and this has certainly helped.

Probably my favorite meals are the breakfasts – I love the fresh breads that are included in these meals.

I really appreciate GMM’s careful attention to the preparation of my meals and their regular surveys to their members requesting feedback and recommendations that ultimately help improve the menus.”

Charles Cogen has lost 24 pounds since starting with GMM and joining a gym.

“I first started just working out, and my trainer at the time told me that it’s not what you do in the gym, but what you eat that will help you attain your goal. Mine was 25 pounds. So when I saw the GMM brochure at the gym, I decided to order the food and have been enjoying it ever since!

My wife and I both work, so the convenience of having fresh, gourmet quality meals when we get home is perfect. I have no complaints overall, and one of my favorite meals is the Caroline Style BBQ Pulled Chicken.

The secret is the portion control. I have no plans to go off this meal plan as I would be lost without it.  Thanks for the good service.”

Liz Flowers, "Before GMM"

Liz Flowers, “Before GMM”

Liz Flowers lost 40 pounds while enjoying Good Measure Meals!

“Two years ago, with another broken bone and pumped full of prednisone and lots of bad habits, I weighed the most I had in my life — even more than when I was nine months pregnant with my son. I Knew I had to make some changes, and that middle age wouldn’t be kind. Without taking charge of my life, I would enter a downward spiral I might not be able to recover from.

That’s when I discovered GMM calorie-controlled gourmet meal plans. And I appreciated that the profits go to help those most in need. I didn’t have to think about how many veggie or fruit servings I was getting each day – that was taken care of for me. I didn’t need to struggle with long, expensive grocery lists or how I was going to eat healthy on the run.

While I knew I needed to lose a significant amount of weight, I also realized that setting an unrealistic goal would dampen my spirits. I resolved to lose five pounds. And I did. When I lost those five, I told myself I needed to lose five more pounds. Then I began adding back exercise.

Liz Flowers, 40 pounds lighter

Liz Flowers, 40 pounds lighter

GMM was with me the whole time. I didn’t get bored with the food because it’s tasty! The five-day plan allowed me to eat out occasionally, so I was never deprived; and even when I splurged a bit, I knew on Monday, I’d be returning to my plan. Instead of a selection of only five frozen grocery store entrees, I’d get to eat meatloaf, beef tortillas and Southern oven ‘fried’ chicken. Always a habitual breakfast skipper, my favorite entrees are now the yummy baked breads, eggs, fruits and yogurts.

It’s that time of year when most of us resolve to make some positive changes in our life. To those who stand facing what appears to be a giant mountain of weight loss, I’d say this: ‘Becoming fit and healthy is something you do for you. Set small realistic and obtainable goals for yourself (five pounds at a time!) and be patient.’

It’s been a pleasurable journey for me, and my reward is building a whole new wardrobe, feeling great, and saying to those who ask, ‘I did it with Good Measure Meals.’ Now that I have lost the weight I wanted to, I stay with GMM because the meals fit my busy lifestyle.”

Jay McMinn, Before GMM

Jay McMinn, Before GMM

Jay McMinn decided early this year that 2013 would be his year to get fit.

“I had heard about Good Measure Meals through my Company’s wellness program and decided to give them a try. It was a game changer!” he said.

“With one phone call, I had the benefit of locally prepared, fresh meals with a convenient delivery schedule. They offer far more variety than I have ever enjoyed, or would enjoy left to my own limited culinary skills.

Jay McMinn After - White Coke Race Shirt

Jay McMinn, 25 lbs down!

Most importantly, I have the portion control in nutritionally balanced meals, which is so important to reaching and maintaining my optimum weight.

With Good Measure Meals, I have lost 25 pounds, 6 percentage points of body fat and 3 inches from my waist! My trainer and I are focused now on the body fat and I expect to lose 5 net pounds with increased muscle mass to reach my ideal proportions.

Good Measure Meals remain as important as ever on my journey. Thank you for helping me get there, GMM!”

Learn how you, too, can choose to Commit to Lean with Good Measure Meals in 2014!

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