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Laurie Shares Her Own Personal Good Measure Meals Success Story

At Good Measure Meals, we always love hearing the stories from our customers when they start reaching their health and wellness  goals. Laurie Everett, a customer who began her GMM plan in July 2012, recently reached out to us to share her story in hopes of inspiring other GMM customers, and we are so proud of her success! (*Laurie wanted us to remind you to vote for Good Measure Meals as Atlanta’s Best Weight Loss Program in Best Self Magazine! Vote here!)

quote_left2I have been cooking for many years, starting when I was 11 years old, since I didn’t like the way my mom prepared certain items. While I have not worked in restaurants, I was at one point involved in a catering business, and I’ve slowly developed my cooking skills over the years due to my passion for food and exposure to different cultures. Plus, I was lucky to grow up in New Orleans, which has some of the best food in the world, though also some of the most rich and fattening.

GMM Customer Laurie Everett has achieved substantial weight loss through her use of her GMM meal plan and regular exercise at her gym.

GMM Customer Laurie Everett has achieved substantial weight loss through her use of her GMM meal plan and regular exercise at her gym.

Years ago, I experienced a torn meniscus on both sides of my right knee. Long story short, over time the condition seemed to get worse, and I gained weight from not being as active. This was very depressing for me. I was afraid to go to the doctor, because I thought I may need knee surgery or replacements. Last year, I got the courage to go back to another orthopedic, and he gave me really good news. So I started therapy, and I joined a gym immediately (Workout Anytime – Smyrna).

While at the gym, I noticed the trainers always working out with people. I wanted to do more, and do it correctly without injury – like work out my core muscles, since I carry most of my weight around the middle – so I started working out with a trainer that challenged me. (There are a number of trainers at Workout Anytime, so you can pick one that best suits your needs and personality. They also run pretty good deals!)

Since I have struggled with weight over my life, I have also always been looking for new ways to make a dish taste good while eliminating high calories. And once I started really working out, I wanted to tailor my food regimen to match my exercise levels, so that I could lose weight. Working out at Workout Anytime is where I found the Good Measure Meals pamphlet for the first time.

It was a funny story how I found out about GMM. I was working out at the gym back in 2012, and the rowing equipment is along the front windows. The sun was blocking out the board, so I could not see the numbers for my work out. Aggravated, I went up to the front desk to find something to create a shade. I saw the GMM pamphlet and thought it would work to shield the sun, and it did. When I was finished rowing and pulled out the pamphlet again, the words “gourmet meals” caught my eyes. I read the pamphlet and liked the whole concept! It was exactly what I was searching for!

Laurie Everett, left, is on track to her weight loss goals and has even started seeing muscle definition in her arms again!I like the fact that Good Measure Meals are prepared fresh – not boxed, not frozen. They are diverse, so I don’t get bored, which is what usually happens to me. I love that they even prepare various ethnic and international dishes. Plus, the baked goods are great! I really like that the meal plans are very healthy, but you never feel deprived.

Fast forward to 2013: It’s been well over a year since I started my GMM meal plan, and I am down 35 pounds! I finally broke my plateau, and now am only 10 pounds away from my first goal. When I reach it, I will be at a weight I have not been at since high school!

My knees are also doing much better. My condition will not get better or go away altogether, but I can certainly live a more active life now that my weight is down. My goal is also to be off of some of the meds I am taking now. My blood pressure has remained low, so I am hoping to definitely get off the blood pressure meds by the end of the year.

quote_rightWith Good Measure Meals and working out three times a week, I know I am on a good path!


as Best Weight Loss Program in Atlanta!

Best Self Atlanta Magazine is hosting a “Best of 2013” Contest, and Good Measure Meals has been nominated in the “Best Weight Loss Program” category!

You can vote on Facebook once every 24 hours through October 27 — so feel free to show GMM some love as often as you can through the end of the week by voting and leaving comments about your favorite meals on the voting page! Vote here!

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    Delicious food! I really have enjoyed the amazing variety of meals. Great way to eat well and lose weight

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