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SweatBox Fit In Five Training Program Changes Lives

Good Measure Meals Partners with Decatur’s SweatBox for 5-Week Fitness Program.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time. Check your “can’t” at the door, because it’s time to get fit in just five weeks, and Good Measure Meals and The SweatBox Decatur will help you make it happen.

“This is one of our key programs we really live by,” said SweatBox’s lead trainer William Johnson, “We really believe in it, and it’s something people enjoy.”


Fit in Five is a five-week bootcamp-style training program that consists of 30 workouts, coupled with mandatory healthy eating guidelines. Basically, it’s the total package in the way of health and fitness.

The concept for Fit in Five grew from friendly 30-day challenges that trainer William Johnson and SweatBox owner Micah Hayes gave each other to keep things lively at the gym. Challenges included how many push-ups the other could do, and other 30-day tests to see what sort of visible changes they could make to their bodies and fitness levels in that time range.SweatBox_Fit in Five Group

Why 30 days? “After 30 days, you lose interest,” William Johnson explained. “If you can stay focused, you’re more likely to commit. So we go hard for 30 days.”

During the 30-day span, participants alternate days of focusing on upper body workouts, then lower body workouts, and then core workouts. The exercises are familiar ones: squats, push-ups, dips, walking, jogging, jumping rope – and each is done for a minute instead of for a set number of repetitions.
“You’re not competing against everyone else; that way, you can chart your own progress by how many more you do each time,” Johnson said.


SweatBox_Fit in Five_PlankAnd during the 30 days, the participants must keep a food journal (checked daily!) and eat healthfully. Johnson and Hayes encourage the team to know where their food comes from, to eat and cook seasonally, and to read labels to know what is in their food and how it affects their bodies.

To make it easier for their clients to accomplish their food goals, they promote Good Measure Meals to the participants.

“It’s a perfectly balanced meal plan, and there is so much variety,” he said. “It fits you all across the board.” (Johnson’s favorite Good Measure Meal happens to be the Peach Oatmeal.)


Sure, SweatBox Decatur is starting a new Fit in Five Challenge on Monday, September 9, but they also just finished up a round of Fit in Five.

“We had a great mix of people from beginners to those who are fit – all across the spectrum,” Johnson said.

In July’s group of about 30 people, there were high-school coaches, ex-football players, cross country runners, and people who had never done a push-up or squat in their lives – until that point. There was a recent high-school graduate and participants in their 40’s and 50’s.SweatBox_Fit in Five_Group Run

Most everyone hated the high knees, and they bonded over the Saturday and Wednesday runs.

One woman who had never worked out before lost 11 pounds and two belt sizes, and she continues to work out at the gym.

Another woman was able to go off of her blood pressure medicine after she received high marks from her doctor.

Another of the guys lost 15 pounds.

“It’s a life-changing program,” Johnson emphasized, “and that’s not just some corny statement…These 30 days will provide you with a lifestyle change.”

“We’re just really happy about the program and partnering with Good Measure Meals. [GMM] provides a big part of what we’re doing,” he said.


The deadline to sign up for the next Fit in Five Challenge is by Saturday, September 6. Classes will begin on Monday, September 9! Visit and e-mail for more details.

The SweatBox Decatur | 731 East College Avenue, Suite B | Decatur, GA 30030 | 770.845.6806

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