Good Measure Meals Healthy ConnectionsDelta Air Lines Employees Look to GMM for Healthy Meals - Good Measure Meals Healthy Connections

Delta Air Lines Employees Look to GMM for Healthy Meals

Good Measure Meals is proud to announce the formation of an exciting new partnership with Delta Air Lines!

In June, Good Measure Meals began delivering our fresh and healthy gourmet quality portion- and calorie-controlled meal plans to both the Delta General Offices and TechOps Fitness Centers twice each week.

Julie Krummes, General Manager of both fitness centers, is grateful for this partnership and believes it will help her clients immensely. “Thank you for giving us the opportunity to bring Good Measure Meals to our Delta employees,” she says. “We are very excited to be able to offer this amenity to our members of the fitness centers and to the employees at the Delta GO and TechOps locations. Good Measure Meals provides an easy and convenient way to eat healthy without having to worry about what to cook for dinner! Perfect!”

Another benefit of the partnership is that Delta will be supporting the community in a big way, as 100% of the proceeds from the purchase of Good Measure Meals will go directly to nonprofit Open Hand Atlanta. Delta has been a great supporter of Open Hand through the years, logging hundreds of volunteer hours as well as providing financial support through corporate sponsorships and philanthropic donations.Delta_Fitness_Centers

Shawan Allen, Open Hand’s director of volunteer services, says “We are so excited that Delta has decided to partner with Open Hand again and we look forward to strengthening that relationship with this new partnership with GMM.”

In addition to providing fresh, nutrient balanced gourmet meals, GMM will be providing nutrition education with Corporate Sports Unlimited on the Delta campuses. “After years of collaboration and support from Delta on the Open Hand side, we are ecstatic to be partnering in a way that we can give back to the Delta’s valued employees. This collaboration will allow an avenue for health education and nutrition support to ensure that we are building a healthier community together,” Jess White, Senior Vice President of Good Measure Meals.

Delta GO Fitness Center (Employee Only Pick-up Location) | 404.714.6348
Delta TOC Fitness Center (Employee Only Pick-up Location) | 404.677.8348

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