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Sleek Technology Tracks Progress Toward Your Fitness Goals

Shine On with the (Misnamed) Misfit Shine!

I’m always intrigued with new technology that is geared toward health and fitness, and I have no “sales resistance” when it comes to innovative, well-designed, affordable gadgets.

And my most recent find was no exception.  From the designers of the first iPhone blood glucose strip tester comes the new start-up, Misfit Wearables, and their first product, the Misfit Shine.

The Shine is a cleverly designed motion and activity tracker. Like many activity trackers, the Shine is worn on the body and records your activity throughout the day. Small LED lights surrounding the circumference of the Shine show how close you are to your daily goal of steps, bike miles, swim strokes, etc. The more lights that light up, the closer you are to your daily goal. The idea is that motivating a person to hit their daily fitness goals will, in turn, improve their health.

Here is where the Shine differs from other wearable activity trackers. The Shine is about the size and width of two quarters stacked on top of each other. The Shine is carved out of airplane grade aluminum, runs on an internal battery that lasts about 6 months, and is waterproof. In reality, the Shine looks more like a piece of jewelry than a fitness device. A rubber or leather band can be purchased separately so the Shine can be work on the wrist.

Also, unlike most other trackers, the Shine doesn’t use a USB cable or a dock to transfer the data to a computer. Because the Shine is made of a metal, Wi-Fi transmitting is almost impossible, so Misfit Wearables have developed a proprietary data transfer system that allows you to place the shine directly on the screen of a smartphone (iPhone or Android) to transfer your data. The system even transfers when the phone is in airplane mode.

The company is currently in fundraising mode, ans is featured on the website Misfit Wearable’s initial goal was to raise $100K in order to start production. As of today, the company has raised over $400K. People who back the company with a $79 pledge will receive the Shine, a clasp to attach the Shine to your clothing, and a rubber wrist band.

Misfit Wearable is expecting to start shipping the first units in March of 2013.

For more information check out this video!

Contributed by: Philip Niekro, GMM Customer Service Manager
Philip — one of the warm and friendly voices you hear when you call GMM Customer Service — was recently promoted to GMM Customer Service Manager! His mission is to ensure that every GMM customer receives the highest quality customer service possible, assisting those who wish to place an order, updating customer accounts, and ensuring that customer feedback is a top priority. Philip is also a self-avowed gadget geek, an avid runner, and a very engaged member of the Open Hand Health & Wellness Committee.

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