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The Wifi Scale a Good Investment if You’re Serious About Your Health

Measures, Tracks and Supports Your Progress Along Your Journey to Wellness.

As you probably know by now…I’m a gadget junkie. My colleagues have even resorted to calling me “Professor Gadget,” for goodness sake! (I guess I could be called many other less flattering things, couldn’t I?)

So it should come as no surprise that a few weeks ago I went in search of a gadget that would help me take my wellness regimen to the next level. Having taken advantage of Good Measure Meals’ body composition testing using the Tanita scale on several occasions, I wanted my own device – one that would help me assess my progress on a much more in-depth level. Always amazed at how much useful information I am able to glean from the Tanita readings, I thought, “There’s got to be a gadget that not only allows me to take my body composition measurements, but also interfaces with some my beloved web and mobile apps.”

Professor Gadget was on a mission.

If you remember, a couple of months ago I reviewed a smart phone app called Lose It!. The Lose It! app is a program that helps you track your food consumption for the day – kind of an electronic food journal. I use the app on a daily basis, so I thought I’d check to see if by chance they might recommend a device that would work in tandem with it. Lo and behold, there was just such a device, called the Wifi Scale from Withings. There were a couple of others as well, but the Wifi Scale looked to be the gizmo I’d been searching for. At $160, it was a little more than I expected to spend, but I researched it thoroughly and felt comfortable pulling the trigger. After all, it will help me better manage my health, right?

The Wifi Scale is a weight and body composition measuring device that you link up with your computer or smart phone via your home wireless router. The scale is very sleek and modern in appearance, and is very easy to install. After you’ve downloaded the Withings software and smart phone app, installed the AAA batteries and linked your scale up to your wifi network, you’re ready to go!

You simply stand on the scale to get your weight measurement, which is shown digitally. Then your fat and lean muscle mass percentages are displayed, as is your BMI (body mass index). You have to make sure to step on the scale in your feet, or the invisible electrodes will not be able to measure your fat/lean muscle mass. *(This scale, as well as any measuring device that uses electrical impedance, is NOT RECOMMENDED for any persons with a pacemaker.)

The scale can differentiate between and measure up to 8 different people, so it’s great for the whole family. It automatically determines who you are, remembers your measurements from your last weigh in, and records that data into your individual profile.

Wifi Scale has become a big part of my weekly fitness routine, connecting seamlessly (and wirelessly) with my Lose It! app (and a couple of my other fitness apps), automatically logging in my weight and exporting the data to Lose It! – making my food and weight loss/gain journaling so much easier. All in all, this was a very good investment for me –it’s actually helping me reach my goals by constantly making aware of how my body is responding to what I put into it.

Realizing that my gadgets play only a small (but important) role in helping me manage my health, I do have to toot my own horn. I’ve stayed on my Good Measure Meals‘ plan (I’m currently on the breakfast+lunch, 7-day  a week plan), made sure to get 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week, logged my food intake, and regularly measured my weight, and as a result I’ve dropped close to 14 pounds in the last 6 weeks! I’ve lost weight before, but technology has helped me gain a whole new perspective on weight management – more easily and clearly showing me exactly how my food consumption and exercise directly affect my weight loss/gain. That being the case, the Wifi Scale has been well worth every penny. And you can quote Professor Gadget on that.

Additional info: There is also a social function to the Wifi Scale, too, which allows you to tweet your BMI or post your daily weight to Facebook, if that’s your thing. Personally, it’s not mine. But as proud as I am of my recent weight loss, I may have to reconsider! (A word of caution: make sure to check your privacy settings so you aren’t inadvertently posting all of your stats!) Withings also makes and sells some other wifi-connecting devices. You can add a wifi blood-pressure cuff or a baby (video) monitoring system, if you so desire.

Contributed by: Philip Niekro, GMM Customer Service Manager

Philip — one of the warm and friendly voices you hear when you call GMM Customer Service — was recently promoted to GMM Customer Service Manager! His mission is to ensure that every GMM customer receives the highest quality customer service possible, assisting those who wish to place an order, updating customer accounts, and ensuring that customer feedback is a top priority. Philip is also a self-avowed gadget geek, an avid runner, and a very engaged member of the Open Hand Health & Wellness Committee.

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