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Take Another Step Towards Fitness With Sule’s Move of the Month

The Move of the Month from The
Welch Martial Art Experience

Training in martial arts imparts many physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits. Through systematic practice in the martial arts a person’s physical fitness may be boosted (strength, stamina, flexibility, movement coordination, etc.,) as the whole body is exercised and the entire muscular system is activated. Beyond contributing to physical fitness, martial arts training also has benefits for mental health, contributing to self-esteem, self-control, emotional and spiritual well-being.

For this reason, a number of martial arts schools have focused primarily on therapeutic aspects in lieu of the historical emphasis on self-defense or combat. GMM Business Development Associate and fitness expert Sule Welch (whose The Welch Martial Art Experience | Martial Fitness™ is one such program) is here to help you reach your fitness goals — one move at a time.

Try this basic move and gauge your success below — you’ll be surprised at how much this move can pay off over time!

MOVE: Straight Arm Hold “Top of a Push-Up” or ”Plank”

BASIC POSITION: Begin on all fours and place both hands under shoulders on a solid floor. Proceed to raise the knees by walking the feet back to a straight leg position and press the balls of the feet into the floor. Lower the hips in line with the shoulders, keeping the torso (abdominals) and face parallel with floor – DO NOT ARCH lower back.

MOVEMENT: Move ONLY your breath while holding the position. No body parts move after making the transition from bent knees to straight legs…until it’s time to lower your knees to the floor because you have met your goal…to hold as long as possible.

GOAL: keep the body completely still, activate major muscles chest, back, shoulders, abdominals, thighs, and glutes to build strength & muscle endurance

5-10 seconds = poor, keep trying!
10-20 seconds = below average
20-30 seconds = average
30-40 seconds = above average
40-50 seconds = better
50-60 seconds = good
60+ seconds = great!

BENEFITS: improve total body endurance, stengthen upper body muscles: pectoralis, deltoids, rhomboids, latissimus dorsi and abdominals – BONUS improves posture!!

MUSCLE BENEFITS: Pectoralis (chest), Deltoids (shoulders), Rhomboids major/minor (muscles connect scapula to spinal column), Latissimus dorsi (major back muscle), Abdominals (stomach)

As Sule always says, “Become the change you seek!”

Contributed by: Sule Welch, GMM Business Development Associate

Our resident fitness expert, Sule founded The Welch Martial Art Experience several years ago, combining his competitive athletic background, 25+ years of martial art training experience, a Masters Degree in Business, and 12+ years of Executive Level work experience to develop both specific and comprehensive training methods and to create and continuously expand his Martial Fitness™ training concept.

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