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Mediterranean Trip Inspires GSU’s Deborah Dunbar to Live a Healthier Life

GMM Presence at Georgia State University Helps Deborah Reach Her New Health & Wellness Goals

In February, Good Measure Meals™ (GMM) participated in an open house at Georgia State University (GSU) in the Office of Employee Development and Wellness Services which coincided with the launch of GMM’s new partnership with GSU. It was there that I first met Deborah Dunbar, a Network Administrator and Computer Trainer at GSU, who just happened to be our first customer to pick up meals from the GMM cooler on the GSU campus!

Debrorah shared a story with me about a recent trip that she and her family had taken to Nice, France. “We were climbing a small hill overlooking the Mediterranean as the sun was setting, when my youngest daughter said, ‘You know mom, I’m concerned about your health, and I want you to live for a very long time.'” Deborah recalled. “‘None of us have any children yet, but when we do we want their grandmother to be around.’”

This hit Deborah really hard. All four of her children approached her with their concerns about her health, and she knew she had to do something. Due to everyday stress and a very hectic lifestyle, Deborah had acquired some very bad eating habits.

Working long hours and, according to Deborah, “eating pasta and other wonderful foods that were unhealthy,” were contributing factors. Not to mention that she sometimes didn’t eat a full meal until way past a reasonable time for dinner.

Upon returning home from her trip, however, she went to work researching aways to gain control of her health. She came across Good Measure Meals™ and decided that the meal plan and support services were a good solution for her.

“I am excited to eat fresh food
that is healthy and doesn’t taste
like rubber. I am using GMM
to help me make the right choices
when it comes to nutrition.”

Deborah’s meal plan, the 1200-calorie Healthy Selection, includes 3 meals a day plan Monday through Friday. She plans to prepare her own meals on the weekends by emulating the meal components and portion sizes she receives throughout the week from GMM. She is so motivated that she expects nothing but great results!

Deborah has also sought guidance from her doctor and joined a nearby gym. “2012 is going to be my year. My children are all grown, so I have a great support system, and 2012 is going to be an amazing and transforming year for me, my family and others who will witness my success.”

Deborah has her own personal blog, and has already developed quite a following! She invites you to follow her along as she tracks her day-to-day journey to a healthier, happier lifestyle.  GMM wishes you much success, Deborah!

If you’ve reached a personal goal or would like to share your success story, you could be featured in an upcoming issue of the Good Measure Meals™ Healthy Connections newsletter. Just send an email to Chris Mayer at

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