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GMM Registered Dietitians Offer Tips to Help You Avoid Holiday Temptation!

Remember these few tips and enjoy yourself
without all the post-holiday guilt!

This is the time of year when we all start to crave those home-cooked holiday foods that are so closely associated with the warm and fuzzy comfort of our family and friends. Unfortunately, it’s also the time of year when overindulgence undermines our healthy eating habits and forces us to struggle to get our pants buttoned. There truly is too much of a good thing — right in front of us, day in and day out.

So…what’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with enjoying life and indulging a little? Absolutely nothing! We all deserve to enjoy ourselves during the holidays, and a large part of that enjoyment centers around good food. But there is a big difference between enjoying yourself and sabotaging yourself. When the party’s over, ask yourself: how do you want to feel?

GMM Registered Dietitians offer some easy-to-remember tips to keep in mind to help you avoid the holiday weight gain, even in the face of all that temptation!

  • Don’t skip meals. You can’t simply “save up” calories for later. Eat smaller meals during the day to keep your metabolism stoked and better able to burn off the party calories.
  • Concentrate on quality, not quantity. Take only the foods you like and be sure to stick to reasonable, if not small, portion sizes.
  • Use a small plate instead of a big dinner plate — you’ll be less inclined to pile on the extra dressing.
  • Eat slowly, and take the time to interact with your friends and family.
  • Plan celebrations around other activities so the entire focus is not on the food.  Easier said than done, for sure, but give it your best shot!
  • If there is a buffet line, go to the end of the line so you’re not the first one back to your table. You’ll be able to sit with your food and socialize and you’ll be less likely to go back for seconds. Also, check out all the food on the buffet and decide what you’ll put on your plate before you go through the line.
  • Watch those sneaky liquid calories — they certainly add up quickly!
  • Stay active. If you are eating more, then get more exercise — walk around the block or go for a bike ride!
  • In between the parties, be sure to stay on your Good Measure Meals™ meal plan.

All of us at Good Measure Meals™ wish you the best as you attempt to eat healthy over the holidays and enjoy your time with family and friends. And please don’t beat yourself up if you do slip up from time to time — just stick with your Good Measure Meals™ meal plan, and you’ll be right back on track to acheiving your health and wellness goals before you know it!

Happy healthy holidays!

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