Good Measure Meals Healthy ConnectionsHow Becca Found Success (And Lost 92 Pounds) with GMM - Good Measure Meals Healthy Connections

How Becca Found Success (And Lost 92 Pounds) with GMM

Atlanta Mom Sings the Praises of GMM Meal Plan

Becca Barnes of Atlanta was first introduced to Good Measure Meals™ back in February as a contestant on Atlanta’s Biggest Loser, Mom’s Edition.  The contest was important to Becca because not only did she wanted to lose weight…but she was concerned that her on-the-go schedule and poor food choices were beginning to impact her health.

Following is Becca’s account of her journey to health and wellness with the help of Good Measure Meals™:

“The weight loss hasn’t been easy, but GMM certainly made the long road so much easier to navigate!  Because GMM is so much more than an incredibly effective weight loss tool. First, they taste phenomenally good. I mean, fresh, perfectly seasoned, wonderfully combined, restaurant-quality delicious stuff!  Did I mention they were all fresh? I defy you to find any other pre-made ‘diet’ meal plan that can even come close. There is no contest.

I’ve lost a whopping 92 pounds….and to top it off, all the proceeds go to benefit Open Hand!

Secondly, I love the ease of the program. It’s like having a personal chef and a nutritionist. It makes me feel so spoiled to reach into the fridge, and there’s my dinner already prepared!

Photo by Mali Azima. Hair/makeup by Roanna Bales.

I am a run-around, work-out-of-the-house mom who is involved in PTA, Girl Scouts and you name it — you could put just about anything in those black packages and I’d be grateful.  But the thing is they are delicious. I weep for the Pecan Crusted Tilapia. It’s so tasty, it’s worthy of a good cry! And the pancakes! I kept checking the packaging for a mistake because I got 3 pancakes. I thought it had to be wrong.  Just stay on the meals for a few weeks and you will have learned the most important diet lesson ever: portion control. Let the GMM teach your stomach the appropriate size for a meal. Your eyes and appetite will just deceive you!

GMM is like a safety net for my weight loss journey. It takes all the recording, calorie counting and measuring out of dieting. I know as long as I stick to the meals that I can get to my next weight loss goal. They have done all the work and I get all the benefit of a delicious, well balanced meal waiting in my fridge. What’s not to like?

And to top it all off – all the proceeds go to benefit Open Hand! How can you not love that? You get the fabulous meals, you lose weight because you save all that time you don’t have to spend grocery shopping and cooking so you can exercise, and you’re also benefiting a very worthy charity. It’s a win win!

I am so grateful that I had the meals all through the Biggest Loser contest and now for my 40 lb. Challenge group on Facebook. It’s not that I couldn’t lose the weight preparing my own meals, but I’m so glad I didn’t have to. It gives me such freedom knowing some one else has done all that work for me…so I now have time to walk the dog and hit the heavy bag.”

~Becca Barnes, Atlanta

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